The new upcoming Valorant Agent will be a duelist, “Agent 14”

Valorant's new agent 14
Valorant’s new agent 14

In a recent weblog of Riot Games on their website, the developers behind the Valorant disclosed their future plans regarding the agents in Valorant. Here is all we have to acknowledge regarding the latest Valorant Agent fourteen.

The most thrilling part of this new weblog is presumably the declaration that the next Valorant agent goes to be a dueler.

For the unaware, there are four kinds of Valorant agents – Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators. Duelists are generally self-sufficient fraggers whom their crew expects, through abilities and skills, to urge excessive frags and seek out engagements.

As of now, there are four Duelists, three Initiators, three Controllers & three Sentinels within the aggressive shooter.

The silhouette of this future Valorant agent has already been leaked, and thus the agent is reported to be codenamed ‘Stealth’.

Valorant's new agent 14
Valorant's new agent 14

“The year can tear open with a dueler for all you ‘lurkers’ out there, who will keep your toes around which angels are truly safe,” explicit John Goscicki, Character Producer of Valorant.

A ‘lurker’ will genuinely spice the gameplay up in Valorant by forcing the participant base to formulate new techniques and processes to counter the 14th agent within the title. Riot Games antecedently titillated the 14th Valorant agent with the quiet unharness of the most recent wallpapers that feature the forthcoming character’s silhouette. Players have conjointly discovered a mysterious path of footsteps left by an invisible figure on the map Icebox, on the face of it in relation to the future stealth-based agent.

Valorant's new agent 14

The new agent is probable to land at the beginning of 2021, alongside the discharge of Episode 2 on January eleventh.

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