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The New iPad Pro 2021 Release Date Leak May 21 Seem Highly Possible

When the new iPad Pro 2021 was released, it was reported that it would be available for pre-order on April 30, but no specific release date was given. However, it appears that May 21 is the most probable date; one leaker suggested that date, which has now been confirmed by a retailer.

The new iPad Pro models are listed as ‘Available 21 May 2021’ at UK retailer John Lewis. This was first mentioned by MacRumors, and as of this writing, it is still visible on the product listings.

As one of the most reliable stores in the UK, it seems extremely unlikely that John Lewis will choose a random placeholder date – and even more unlikely that the placeholder would be on the same day as a leaker suggested.

Instead, it seems that the store inadvertently released a release date that Apple had not yet made public, or that Apple actually had not advised the chain not to mention the date.

In any case, no other retailer has this date mentioned, and Apple’s website only says ‘Available second half of May,’ so we should take this with a pinch of salt.

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But what about the other regions?

So, the latest iPad Pro 2021 is expected to be released on May 21 in the United Kingdom, but what about the rest of the world?

You’re probably in luck because Apple usually releases its big-ticket items at the same time around the world, so we will see the date echoed around the world. And, when Apple does stick with one area first, it’s almost always the United States, so that won’t be the case here.

We won’t know for sure when the new iPad Pro models will be available, but thanks to these events, we’ll have our (metaphorical) money on May 21.

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