The new Google Docs Feature Allows Users to Share Feedback through Emojis

Now users will be able to react with Emojis in Google Docs, as Google has launched new feature for Google Docs. Read along to know more about it.
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Emojis are infiltrating every online domain. You may respond to Facebook posts as well as Instagram messages and eventually even Google Docs articles. Google revealed an emoji responses feature for Docs in a Google Workspace Update on Tuesday. While you can currently paste emojis into the text of a document or a remark, the new functionality will enable you to respond immediately to selected text in a browser using Google’s helpful sidebar. The emojis in Google Docs are from version 14.0, which was published in September of last year, and offer gender-neutral and gender customizable choices.

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Today is the first day that the feature will be available. You will be able to respond to text sections with a thumbs up, a Flamenco dancer, or a train. The business explained the choice to introduce the new functionality to what most people know as a piece of work or school software in an update that did not include any emojis.

In a blog Google said, “Giving and receiving feedback is a key collaborative workflow in Google Docs. The new emoji reactions feature provides a less formal alternative to comments to express your opinions about document content” 

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To access reactions in Docs, users must first choose a line or even a paragraph to which they wish to respond, and then add an emoji reaction from the pop-up menu on the right side of the screen, just as they would when adding comments to a document. If you like emojis and use them regularly, you’ll be glad to hear that whatever preferences you specify in Google Docs will be shared with Google Chat as well. Emoji skin tone and gender preferences are among them, and Google has now included gender-neutral choices for gender-modifiable emojis.

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Emoji responses are now available in Rapid Release domains and will be available in Scheduled Release domains on April 20. When this functionality becomes available, it will be available to all Google Workspace users as well as those with personal Google Accounts.

While emoji reactions may make utilizing Google’s online collaboration tools more enjoyable, the ability to deactivate the function entirely would be a welcome addition for more serious businesses and individuals.

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