The Launch of PUBG Mobile in India Was Briefly Teased on YouTube, But The Video Was Then Removed

PUBG Mobile India
PUBG Mobile India

The release of PUBG Mobile India has been anticipated for months. The game was first teased in November 2020 as a substitute for the original PUBG Mobile. We also don’t have an official PUBG Mobile India launch date because of many delays. However, the game could be released in India soon, as a teaser video was briefly posted on the PUBG Mobile India official YouTube channel. The video has since been removed, but some curious viewers were able to see what the six-second video had to offer.

Is PUBG Mobile India launch date to be announced soon?

pubg mobile india launch teaser

According to sources, the teaser video did not announce the launch date for PUBG Mobile India. Instead, it simply said that the game would be released shortly. This has been said before, but it now seems to be relevant. After all, the game was approved for release in India by the government in March. This means that the developers will soon announce the launch of PUBG Mobile India in the nation.

What exactly is PUBG Mobile India?

PUBG Mobile India was launched in November 2020 as a replacement for PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India. The India-specific edition includes changes such as reduced bloodshed and brutality, dressed characters, and more. The aim was to have a more enjoyable gaming experience than the original PUBG Mobile game. Several reports have surfaced in the country of PUBG Mobile addiction, with children wasting hours playing the game and spending their parents’ money on virtual goods and subscription fees.

The creators of PUBG Mobile announced a toned-down game called PUBG Mobile India in order to reduce the game’s harshness. However, we have yet to see what this latest game looks like because no gameplay has been revealed.

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  • The launch of PUBG Mobile India was teased briefly on YouTube.
  • The game’s release date is still to be made official by the developers.
  • PUBG Mobile India is said to be less brutal than the original game.
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