The latest Silly Royale update includes an 8v8 Squad Island with all Squid Game-inspired modes

In Silly Royale 8v8 Squad Island, squads can compete against each other in Squid Royale modes.
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In November 2021 Silly Royale introduced made in India several Squid Games called Squid Royale. During the limited-time mode Silly Royale became worldwide famous and led to more than 5 million downloads. Super gaming  has now introduced Squad Island mode where eight players will compete against each other in two squads. 

Silly Royale squid game

Silly Royale’s Squad Island features 16 player lobbies which have two separate voice channels.  Squad Island has now a brand new feature map new tasks and new maps. Players will have an option to vote for their favourite Squid Royale Challenge. Squid Island will have no eliminations now and will allow you to remain a team member even if you make a mistake. You can access Squad Island via Silly Royale’s event page.

The General Manager and co-founder Christelle D’cruz at SuperGaming said that players spend 48 minutes in Silly Royale and the most asked feature is the ability to Squad up with the friends. Squid Game is the game inspired by the popular Netflix show “Squid Game”. The new Squad Island mode highlights the flexibility of the company’s in-house tech platform, which allows it to run large hyper-scale real-time multiplayer games such as Silly Royale with over 17 million players and MaskGun with over 60 million players. Super Gaming’s tech platform is now also used for developing upcoming web3 games too. Players can download this app for free from Playstore and App store.

Silly Royale’s Squid Game is quite an popular game with more then 5 million downloads. Silly Royale’s Squad Island has now new maps and new tasks to complete.  Now teams may play in Squid Royale styles against each other.

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