The KFConsole has a big advantage over PS5 and Xbox

KFC Console
KFC Console

The KFConsole is here, accepted by Colonel Sanders himself, and it finally solves an issue that no one had literally cared about until now, how to keep your chicken warm while gaming. The KFConsole, established in collaboration with Cooler Master, a PC hardware company, promises to shake up the console war with its built-in chicken chamber, a world first, like a bag full of 11 herbs and spices. This implies that fortunately, the days of stomaching lukewarm poultry or going through a slightly cold piece of the thigh is over.

Back in June, the KFC console was first teased and triggered more social media commotion than a fox entering a chicken coop. The demand for a console from the long-running fast-food chain, strangely, was strong, and well… here it is.


When you frag enemies online, the KFConsole preserve your freshly purchased food from piping, something that the PS5 and Xbox Series X simply do not do (and we would not suggest attempting, either). The custom-designed cooling system absorbs heat from the system outside the chicken chamber so that the hardware stays cool and your chicken stays warm properly.

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Also, the Bargain-Bucket-shaped console is able to dominate the new games as well. The console claims to have a top-end Intel Processor inside, an ASUS hot-swap mini-GPU, and a Seagate NVMe 1TB SSD, though the specs are still firmly under wraps.

This means Crysis and even Cyberpunk 2077 (bugs and all) will run on the KFC console, as well as I Love You Colonel Sanders! At an impressive 4K, 240fps, A Finger Lickin’ Decent Dating Simulator.

Finger clickin’ good

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The KFC console is a weird feat of human engineering, then, and exactly the kind of silly nonsense we need during this trying year. It reminds us of how Microsoft brought the Xbox Series X fridge meme to life (and how we can’t help but want a mini-fridge version).

Honestly, the KFConsole wouldn’t look out of place next to Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen systems – though the faint smell of chicken would certainly raise a few eyebrows.

Suspiciously, even though it has a website, the console does not have a release date, price, or any nailed on technical specifications to share yet. Nevertheless, in the near future, we are crossing our fingers that the Colonel produces a consumer-ready product, as we are uncertain whether a heated chicken chamber will pass regulations on health and safety.

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