The human-like robot, Sophia, just sold her first digital artwork for $688,888

Sophia's NFT
Sophia’s NFT

Remember the human-like robot, Sophia, who is a resident of Saudi Arabia? Well, she sold her NFT for a whopping $688,888 in an auction hosted on an NFT market platform, Nifty Gateway. Sophia’s multimedia artwork was auctioned off for $688,888 in March in the shape of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and is also the world’s first digital artwork made by a robot to be sold online.

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Sophia Instantiation auctioned on Nifty Gateway

Sophia is the most advanced AI humanoid robot in the world developed by Hanson Robotics. She is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and a champion of innovation for the United Nations. She has had more TV appearances than most “A” list celebrities in the U.S, Jimmy Kimmel and Will Smith are among the interviewers who have interviewed Sophia on Television. Andrea Bonaceto is an accomplished contemporary artist and a crypto entrepreneur that Sophia has been a fan of for a long time. In this collaborative project, Andrea created portraits of Sophia and her immediate family, these images were then literally processed by Sophia’s Neural Networks, she then created her interpretation based completely on decisions she made without any human assistance. 

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The digital artwork was created in partnership with a real-life Italian artist, and the sale was the latest twist in the digital market for ownership rights. The selling may also have been the first NFT sale of an artwork produced in part through artificial intelligence which has really brought the digital marketplace to the cusp of a paradigm shift.

Maker of 'Sophia Instantiation': Sophia and Andrea Bonaceto
Maker of ‘Sophia Instantiation’: Sophia and Andrea Bonaceto

Sophia used artificial intelligence to construct her own image, which roboticist David Hanson defines as a “artistic revolution.” “The experience of collaborating with Sophia and Hansen on the project at Nifty Gateway has been amazing. Grown so much as an artist since we started this project,” Bonaceto tweeted. Meanwhile, Sophia, a humanoid, plans to “study the highest bidder’s face” before adding “one more iteration” to her digital artwork.

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