The Holi Dhamaka 1.9.0 update for Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI adds a new Theme mode, Rainbow Plaza, vehicle, and more

update for the he all new Holi Dhamaka 1.9.0 update for the BGMI is here. It brings the new theme mode, rainbow plaza, new vehicles, and more.
BGMI cover photo

For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Krafton, the game’s creator, has issued a new update to coincide with Holi celebrations in the game. The BGMI Holi Dhamaka 1.9.0 update adds a lot of new features to the game. The update includes a new Theme mode, relatively similar to the partnership with Spider-Man: No Way Home. Players that download the update will receive a coupon for the Wild Ambition set, which must be used within 7 days.

The following is a list of all the new features that were introduced to BGMI as part of the Holi Dhamaka update.

The new BGMI Playground is now open

the new bgmi playground
Photo Credit: Krafton India

The new BGMI Playground version expands the map significantly, with platforms strategically placed throughout. Players will be able to move across the map more quickly thanks to these platforms. A new Racing mini-game has been added to the Playground, where players may engage in races with their friends or have a relaxed lone ride.

The Holi Dhamaka Theme mode of the BGMI

bgmi holi update theme mode
Photo Credit: Krafton India

Players will be able to find the BGMI Holi Dhamaka Theme mode in the Ranked section for Erangel and Livik. After jumping out of the plane, you’ll see a new Starting Island and Sky Island in the mode. Your character’s face will turn into a charming circle on Sky Island, and you can acquire Hex Shop coins that can be utilized on the ground. The Sky Island will be available for a limited time only, after which you will be returned to Earth.

In addition, as you are attacked by an enemy, your character’s head continues to grow, and when you are conquered, your character’s head elevates like a balloon, causing you to fly high in the sky. Although your teammates will be able to save you, and for that, they will have to shoot at you. If your teammates miss out on shooting at you, in that case, your avatar will drop to the ground and be vanquished.

The new Rainbow Plaza and Camp

bgmi new bicycle
Photo Credit: Krafton India

The new Rainbow Plaza and Camp will be added to the Erangel map of the BGMI, along with new interactable things. Players can interact with items in these areas to spawn crates containing weapons, armor, and other stuff. Apart from that, players can find a new bicycle in Rainbow Plaza and Camp. It’s a new addition to the vehicle. The best part about this bicycle is that players can put it inside the backpack and use it whenever they want. Although you should keep in mind that you will not be able to shoot at the time of riding the bicycle.

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