The Google Pixel 7 Will launch with Tensor 2

Google Tensor
Google Tensor SoC

Google recently launched the Pixel 6 series, and reviews of the devices are already out. The Pixel 6 series was heavily leaked and came with Google’s first custom SoC “Tensor.” It looks like the company is already working on the successor to the Tensor SoC: Tensor 2.

Thanks to folks over at 9to5Google, who conducted a teardown of the APK’s of the Pixel 6, found an interesting Pixel-related code name, “Cloudripper.” And they suggest that this codename is not for the Pixel 7 but the next generation of the Tensor SoC.

This is what they have to say,

“According to the documentation previously viewed by 9to5Google, Cloudripper is connected to a second-generation version of Google Tensor chips, with the model number “GS201.” By comparison to the “GS101” found in the Pixel 6, this chip appears to be a full generation newer, suggesting that each year may see the model number increase by 100. This same “GS201” was spotted by Mishaal Rahman in newly public Android code changes.” 

There are no particular details about the chipset. However, the Tensor SoC had some traces of Exynos, and it is speculated that they were built with the help of Samsung.

Google Tensor 2
Google Tensor

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Tensor is out only for a short period, and there are mixed reviews about the SoC. However, as this is Google’s first attempt at a custom SoC, we can surely expect them to launch a successor to it. And designing processors is not a day’s work. Before releasing it, it took Google more than a couple of years to design and test the Tensor SoC.

As Google has embarked on this path of its own custom SoCs, Google getting back to Qualcomm’s chipset does not make sense, and so the successor to Tensor, Tensor 2, is plausible.

Let us know how you feel about the Tensor SoC and your thoughts on Google releasing a successor to it, the Tensor 2. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates. 

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