The Elon Musk smartphone

The Elon Musk smartphone
The Elon Musk smartphone

The Caviar royal gifts have unleashed an Elon Musk inspired iPhone 11 Pro. Caviar is famous for creating the most luxurious and most outlandish phones, caviar has also started creating customize hand-painted luxurious sneakers. But, the Elon Musk themed iPhone 11 Pro is a next-level luxury item.

So, what makes it a next-level luxury item let’s find out.

The Elon Musk Themed iPhone:

The Elon Musk themed iPhone comes in a Luxurious Leather Box, as soon as you lift the lid of the box as you are greeted with a Caviar Space gift accent on the top cushioned case from their space series, and you will find an Elon Musk must be on mars iPhone with an Elon musk signature under a space ship blasting off from the earth at the rear panel, which is the commemorative aspect from SpaceX, on the right top side it says Caviar Luxury standard, and on the other side, it says 11 pro, Ti Titanium, and Caviar Luxury logo. The device has a “Mylor foil” as the artifact that is placed at the rare panel of the device. The artifact was flown aboard SpaceX CRS-14, CRS-17, and international space station, this Mylor foil was the actual part of the liftoff, which makes it very rare.

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Smartphone and accessories

The whole phone is made of metal, the entire back ridge is a completely new piece and nothing on the device is like the original iPhone except for the camera module, the camera module is also flushed so everything that has been built on top of it is elevated to the same level as the camera module. The box also includes a certificate of authenticity. As for, the other items in the box it’s the same as what you would get on the normal iPhone. The device works exactly like a normal iPhone and you can get it in a variety of specifications as far as storage is concerned.

Elon Musk’s spaceX Themed sneakers:

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SpaceX sneakers

This is the first time that we have heard about Caviar custom shoes, they are doing it super customize sneakers which is hand-printed detailed pair of sneakers, The sneaker also has a “Mylor Foil” with its certificate of authenticity. The artifact is embedded in a lace holder and it sits at the bottom of your laces, the holder itself looks like a spaceship. The sneakers are hand-painted with mars elements like graphics with the orange and grey color combination, the sneakers are based on Nike’s AIR force one which makes it a collector’s item.

For full detailed unboxing the the video mentioned below:

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