The Upcoming Version of Windows 11 Will Be The Best Version of Windows 11 Till Date Thanks to These New Features

Windows 11 Update

As promised earlier by Microsoft, the latest preview build 22557 of Windows 11 is finally bringing the much needed uniformity through the user interface with a redesigned Task Manager along with a plethora of new features. These include new touch gestures for touchscreen devices, Start menu folders, and much more as listed below:

Redesigned Task Manger

redesigned task manager

The most exciting and huge improvement offered by the software new update is the redesigned Task Manger which was long overdue given the task manger has been untouched since Windows 7 was first released.

Apart form bringing uniformity to the whole user interface with the Mica design language the redesigned Task Manger also removes the tabbed interface in favour of a more touch-friendly hamburger menu. In place of the existing tabbed interface buttons, the users will now find a new command bar with options like “New task”, “End Task”, etc.

Start Menu Folders

Start Folders

As the name suggests this newest feature of windows 11 lets users organize their messy Start menu by putting pinned apps into folders. A user can easily create or add apps to a existing folder, by simply selecting, dragging and dropping an app onto another app or a pre-existing folder in the Start Menu.

Meanwhile, Microsoft promises to bring the ability to rename folders in a future preview build which will make the previously very locked down start menu much more user-customizable.

New Touchscreen Gestures

Invoking Start

Windows has been trying to improve its touchscreen interface since the release of Windows 8 in 2012. Windows 11 did that in many ways, however this new touchscreen gestures aims to improve on this even further and provides the ability to:

  • Swipe to bring up or dismiss dismiss Start menu
  • Swipe between Pinned/All apps and Recommended/More on Start
  • Swipe to bring up or dismiss Quick Settings
  • Swipe to invoke and dismiss Notification Center
  • Full-screen gripper to stay in full-screen touch apps

New Snap Layouts feature

SnapLayoutsWIP resized 1

Microsoft’s already pretty great Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11 is also getting a overhaul, allowing users to drag an app on top of another window while revealing all the layouts you can use to open two or more apps together.

System Wide Live Captions

Las but not the least, the latest build of windows 11 also comes with improved and much needed accessibility feature; System Wide Live Captions which is great for users who deaf or hard of hearing.

This new feature can be accessed easily with a simple Win+ CTRL+L shortcut which floats in a window that can be displayed at the top or bottom of a screen as per the users preference.

Other than this major feature the new update will also feature many other improvements including support for drag and drop which was taken away from Windows 11, improved power consumption management and much much more.

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