The Best Music Streaming Services in India

The 20 Best Royalty Free Music Sites in 2018

YouTube Music has now stepped into the scene to complete the variety of music streaming services available in India after the arrival of Spotify in India in 2019. This means we now have more rivalry in the music space which is always a good sign. If you’ve been searching for the best music streaming service in India, most suited for your needs then look no further. We have gathered all the information you would need about each of the music services right here. So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and find out the best music streaming service in India

List of Best Music Streaming Services in India

1. Spotify

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Searching for a music streaming service that has a huge range of music and is compatible with all your devices? Spotify is the way to go. Spotify is the original big music streaming service, and it supports all major platforms — covering iOS, Android, and your preferred web browser. One of the best things about Spotify is that you can try it for free, an ad-based version of Spotify that you can use for as long as you’re fine with hearing ads every now and then. Spotify also provides podcasts and video content, plus it can stream music up to 320Kbps resolution. Aside from that, Spotify is one of the great streaming services that any music-lover will enjoy.

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  • Playlists organized by music experts
  • Song recommendation and discovery is excellent
  • UI is amazing and easy to use
  • Podcasts available in your desired topics
  • Spotify home screen has gotten complex over time

Subscription: Ad-supported Free tier, Rs. 59/month for students, Rs. 119/month for individuals, Rs. 149/month for two accounts (Duo), Rs. 179/month for 6 accounts (Family plan).

2. JioSaavn

JioSaavn features a clean and likable user interface. It packs a wonderful UI which makes it simply better – with playlist, history, downloads, and everything else accessible easily. JioSaavn is one of the biggest music streaming platforms in India. You now get access to JioSaavn originals, podcasts, and exclusive video content, along with features such as dark mode, offline support, and local playback – but most of them come locked under a Pro subscription. JioSaavn also offers 320 kbps playback which is on par with Spotify.

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  • Easy to use UI
  • Massive music library
  • Best of both worlds: India and international
  • The annual plan is attractive
  • Song recommendation is not good

Subscription: Free, Rs. 99/month, Rs. 399/year (effectively Rs. 33/month).

3. Apple Music

Apple Music does not have a huge market number, but it’s a solid music streaming service and one that’s constantly improving especially in India. Its personalized recommendations, classic Apple UI, and a huge catalog of over 70 million songs (most probably the largest) makes Apple Music a strong candidate on this list. Apple Music has also started to offer 3 months free trial in India which is just amazing. However, Apple Music only offers up to 256 kbps streaming and its quality is quite comparable to other services.

As far as the UI is concerned, Apple Music boasts a completely all-white UI, with not much litter and unnecessary options here and there. There’s an Apple-like taste to the service and it’s the perfect app for both iOS and Android users. The Apple Music app on Android has significantly improved in the past few months, and now it also offers a web player too which is in beta. Apart from the neat layout and massive music collection, Apple Music has been known to sport an ocean of cool features. This also provides Siri and Apple Watch integration for easier control over your playback.

  • The largest collection of music
  • Daily music recommendations
  • Personalized playlists
  • UI is pretty neat
  • Shazam integration
  • Slow development on Android app

Subscription: Free trial for 3 months, Rs. 49/month for students, Rs. 99/month for individuals, Rs. 149/month for six users (Family plan).

4. YouTube Music

YouTube Music, probably has the biggest music library & there’s a simple reason for it. The service not only brings the whole collection of Google Play Music’s over 35 million song collection but also gives you the power of YouTube. You can search and play any live performances, remixes, covers, and other beautiful renditions of any song that you like through the youtube gallery. YouTube is massive and it simply makes it difficult for us to put an exact number out there for its song collection but it’s huge. YouTube Music can be seen as a platform mainly for users who love the energy of live performances, covers. YouTube Music recently stepped foot into the streaming segment in India and it’s also offering a 1-month free trial to give users a taste of their service, which sure influences users who’ve been listening to music on the video platform for years.

YouTube Music 2

YouTube Music offers music quality up to 256 kbps streaming which is pretty good. YouTube Music has a huge benefit when compared to all other music streaming platforms. We consume a lot of music on YouTube so the recommendations on there are already according to our tastes. This means when you run YouTube Music, you don’t really need to provide it any information about which artists you like or not. It already knows your preferences. It offers you the flexibility to switch between audio/video playback seamlessly, enjoy live concerts, remixes, and covers too.

  • Knows your taste in music
  • Recommendations are amazing
  • Offline mixtape
  • Lyrics support
  • Not completely ready
  • UI keeps changing

Subscription: Ad-supported Free tier (No background playback), 1-month Free trial only if you choose a subscription plan, Rs. 59/month for students, Rs. 99/month for individuals, Rs. 149/month for six users (Family plan).

5. Amazon Prime Music

If you have got an Amazon Prime subscription then Amazon Prime Music is another potential music streaming service in India that you can use without any extra charge. The service comes free, bundled with the Amazon Prime subscription, and offers a massive music collection of over 50 million songs, and available in all languages and genres. Amazon Prime Music offers up to 256 kbps streaming like other platforms and the sound quality is pretty good. It also has Alexa integrated features.

prime mucis 425 735
  • Massive music library
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Alexa supported
  • you can cast Your own Music
  • UI looks old

Subscription: Bundled with Amazon Prime subscription; Prime membership starts at Rs. 129/month, Rs. 999/year.

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