Text To Speech Now On Instagram Reels: Huge Move!

Instagram Reels Gets New Features

Instagram reels have received some new updates, which bring some very important features to them. Some of these features, like Text To Speech, were already on Instagram Stories, but they are now on Reels too!

Instagram Reels is getting two new features that do resemble some already existing Tik-Tok features. The Text to Speech feature lets creators use an artificial voice to read any text they add instead of using their voice in the video, while Voice Effects can be used to modify the audio and voiceover in Instagram Reels.

Instagram has pointed out multiple times that these features will allow users to be more creative and unique with their content. Both these new features will be available via the “Text Tool” in the reels section of the app.

The platform announced these features on Thursday via a community post. “Attention Reels creators! We know that using sound and audio is one of the funniest aspects of creating a 🔥 Reel! So today we’re launching two new audio tools called Voice Effects and Text to Speech,” they said.

How To Use Text To Speech

  1. Open Instagram and go to the Reels Camera
  2. Record/Input your desired media
  3. Using the text tool, add text to the clip
  4. Tap the Text Bubble to access the three dots menu.
  5. Tap Text To Speech and select from the two options!

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How To Use Voice Effects

  1. Open Instagram and go to the Reels Camera
  2. Record/Input your desired media
  3. Tap the music note to open the audio mixer
  4. Tap “Effects” and choose from the options!

At the moment, creators can use four presets to modify their voices. They can pick from announcers, helium, giant, robot, and vocalist to create the desired effect.

Many people have started to receive these new features, and others will receive them very soon. These are in the process of being rolled out to both Android and iOS users. Let’s get creative!

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