Tesla will Begin Selling Solar Roofs Incorporated with Powerwall Battery

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Tesla will only sell its solar products bundled with its Powerwall battery starting next week, according to Elon Musk, Tesla Technoking, and Imperator of Mars.

Tesla’s solar roof and panels, according to Musk, provide solar power “will feed exclusively to Powerwall. Powerwall will interface only between utility meter & house main breaker panel, enabling super simple install & seamless whole house backup during utility dropouts.”

Musk also stated that Powerwall will be upgraded next month via a software update. He claims that the Powerwall 2 has “better than advertised” peak and steady power capability and that Tesla can unlock these higher capabilities now that it has enough operational data. Musk claims that at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), the power increase could be greater than 50%.

According to Electrek, which reported last month on Tesla’s decision to stop taking orders for Powerwall without other solar products, the change is due to Powerwall’s popularity. Tesla’s production capabilities, according to the outlet, simply cannot keep up with demand, which is why the company is tying Powerwall to its other solar products.

Given that Powerwall was previously unavailable without solar panels or a solar roof, it’s not surprising that the panels or roof will soon be unavailable without a Powerwall. The Powerwall upgrade is noteworthy because the benefits could be significant, though Musk does state that they will be dependent on the individual unit’s production date.

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