Tesla Might Finally Come to India


Electric vehicle enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for Tesla to come to India for a while now. It seems like their dreams might actually come true, with all the reports indicating that Tesla might finally be coming to India.

Tesla is said to debut with four cars in the beginning, currently, we don’t know which four models will be released initially, but some speculate that Tesla might also be working on a budget-friendly EV which would cost around $25,000 (Rs 18,43,375), this would make much more sense if it is released in a developing country like India.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is in talks with the central government planning to open retail showrooms in India. A posting on the website of the Indian Ministry of Road, Transport and Highway showed that Tesla is certified to be roadworthy and safe for Indian roads.

Tesla is even planning to set up its manufacturing plants in India. Local news reports in February said the company would be setting up its manufacturing plant in Karnataka.

Twitter user Madan Gowri asked Elon Musk that, when will Tesla come to India. To which Musk replied, that the major obstacle stopping Tesla from coming to India was, heavy import duties.

This would make sense on why Tesla is planning to set up manufacturing units in India rather than importing the vehicles.

Plus, Tesla is on a hiring spree in India, as we can see in the job listings posted on Google just posted two days ago.


There are more than 18 different job listings posted on Google, all of them being in the major metro cities of India. Including, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow and so on, to name a few.

We will have to wait and watch until Tesla officially announces its arrival in India. Until then stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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