Elon Musk Throws Shade at Apple Cloth With Tesla’s New $50 Cyberwhistle

Tesla Cyberwhistle

Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck, which was scheduled to go into production sometime in late 2021, seems nowhere near the predicted schedule, thanks to the production delays. However, if you are one of those diehard fans who need to lay their hands on something associated with the highly anticipated vehicle, you can now buy a Cyberwhistle for USD 50 (Approx. Rs 3744). Yes, you read it right, an actual whistle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the new Cyberwhistle via a Tweet on Tuesday, inviting his 65.1 million Twitter followers to “blow the whistle on Tesla” accompanied with a link. While at the same time throwing shade at those former employees who have turned out to be actual whistleblowers, something which Musk takes very seriously as we have seen the ‘Martin Tripp incident‘ in 2018.

Apart from this, Musk also managed to throw shade at the infamous USD 19 (Approx. Rs 1423) Apple cloth in a follow-up tweet with the message, “Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead!”

The Cyberwhistle’s product description on Tesla’s website says quote: “Inspired by Cybertruck, the limited-edition Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish. The whistle includes an integrated attachment feature for added versatility.”

The new USD 50 Cyberwhistle appears to be out of stock at the moment, as the entire stock was sold out in about an hour since Musk tweeted about it. While the resellers have already started reselling the item on Ebay for as high as USD 2,250 (Approx. Rs 1,68,548)

This is not the first time that Tesla has put a weird thing up for sale as last year Tesla started selling the limited edition “Teslaquila” tequila. While Elon Musk’s Boring Company also started selling the not so boring limited edition Flamethrower which was marketed as ‘Not a Flamethrower’.

Overall, this feels like nothing but a publicity stunt, with Tesla wanting to cash in on the overpriced accessory hype, as we have seen with the highly sought after Apple Cloth. Nevertheless, it seems like the odds are very high that the Cyberwhistle will ship before the actual Cybertruck itself.

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