Tesla Wants to Take Digital Car Keys to the Next Level With Its New App Update

Tesla App

Tesla owners could use digital keys to open their cars, using the Tesla mobile app from the very beginning. However, the latest version of Tesla’s mobile app (version 4.3.1) has a few tricks up its sleeve worth noting.

This includes the newly added ability that provides car owners with the ability to share their digital car keys with up to five friends, family members, and strangers. Apart from helping the car owners and their families, it also opens the door for remote towing and service.

To be clear, the company did offer the ability to share its digital car keys earlier. Still, it was a tedious task and required the users to visit Tesla’s website to share the digital key, which a user could share via an e-mail.

Further inspection of the new app’s code also reveals that Tesla might be working on a new feature called ‘Cloud Profiles’, automatically applying the driver’s custom preferences in whichever Tesla they sit.

These new features would also be adding a new layer to Tesla’s car-sharing features. It looks like this will be very useful in creating the ‘Tesla Network’ ride-sharing service where a single car can drive itself to reach a paying customer. This allows the car’s owner to make some money during working hours, as promised by Elon Musk earlier.

Overall, this new update seems like a beneficial one and all users can now access this new car-sharing features from today onwards by simply updating to the latest version of the Tesla app (version 4.3.1 or later)

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