Tapu Bulu in Pokemon GO: Where Can You Find Him?

In this article we will talk about how you will be able to find the Tapu Bulu in Pokemon GO.
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Soon Pokémon trainers will have a chance to catch Tapu Bulu. Tapu Bulu is the protector of the island of Ula’ula and another tutelary deity of Alola. A Grass/Fairy-type Pokémon along with Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Fini is one of the protectors of the Alola archipelago region. As this is the season of Alola it only makes sense for Tapu Bulu to follow in his counterparts’ footsteps. 

In a few days when Pokemon GO’s Spring-into-Spring event kicks off it will be the time for Tapu Bulu to debut. This event will be starting from 12 April and will end on April 18, 2022. Pokémon celebrate the upcoming Spring-into-Spring event adorned with flowers. At 10:00 local time Spring into Spring begins in Pokémon GO, players will be able to encounter Tapu Bulu as a 5-star raid boss in Gyms worldwide. 

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As 5-star raid bosses are particularly strong the trainers might even need to bring some friends. To defeat Tapu Bulu the trainers must assemble their best teams. We are lucky enough to counter Tapu Bulu as Grass/Fairy-type Pokémon, there are many ways, especially Poison-type and Attack-type Pokémon. Poison-type moves deal 4x damage to Tapu Bulu as both Alola Deity types are weak to Poison-type offences.

To defeat Tapu Bulu the Pokemon GO community is already planning ideal counters. Popular consensus picks seem to be Roserade, Mega Beedrill, Mega Gengar, Mega Venusaur, and Toxicroak. This is due to her exceptional stats, CP, and Poison-type moves. If all of the Pokemon GO trainers are using a team of Poison-type Pokemon during a Tapu Bulu raid, defeating the Alolan deity shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

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Tapu Bulu is a relatively powerful Pokemon, but if hit with double Super Effective damage at a constant pace no Pokemon can last long. Tapu Bulu is definitely one of the headlining features, while there’s a lot more to enjoy at Pokemon GO’s Spring-to-Spring event. Over the course of the game’s Alola season, Niantic has released a variety of Alola region Pokémon, including other tutelary deities such as Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele.

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After the release of Tapu Bulu, only one Alolan Guardian will be released. This is exciting for players who envision conquering all four native protectors of the island chain region. In addition to the appearance of Tapu Bulu, Trainers can look forward to exclusive Flower Crown Pokémon like Togetic, Togekiss, and Lopunny. Additionally, players can enjoy a research day to earn an Alolan Exeggutor, which knows Draco Meteor and has the ability to catch various Grass-type Pokémon including Bulbasaur, Chikorita, and Treecko.

In addition to Tapu Bulu’s appearance, trainers can get excited for exclusive floral-crowned Pokemon like Togetic, Togekiss, and Lopunny. There’s plenty to enjoy even after the research day, including more flower-crowned Pokemon and new research task rewards.

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