Microsoft Might Finally Bring System Wide Dark Mode With Windows 11


We have had dark mode on we Windows 10 for a while now; but it wasn’t system-wide, and worked only with UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, while all the x34/x68 didn’t support dark mode. However, Microsoft might be about to change this with the release of Windows 11 tomorrow (5 October) or a future update.

It is still not confirmed officially; however, many things point out to the possibility that Microsoft will finally do this.

Not very long ago, users on Reddit were talking about how you can bring the Windows 7, 8, or 10 Start menu style to the future Windows 11 OS. The trick was to use some third-party software called StartIsBack, which would modify your system’s registry and restore the Start menu to its former glory.

Windows 11
SstartIsBack Running on Windows 11

This same company posted an interesting tweet yesterday, through which they said that Microsoft is hinting at the above-mentioned change.

The above tweet, suggests that Microsoft is working on developing a background task or service that would be managing all the functions required to run dark mode smoothly.

Soon after this, Microsoft’s Twitter handle also posted a tweet which is implying that dark mode might finally be coming.

People have been commenting on their thoughts about dark mode in the comment section, with some people really loving dark mode, while others hating it. Microsoft might be taking some feedback on whether Windows should have system-wide dark mode or not.

We can’t confirm anything at the moment, so suggest you to take this information with a grain of salt. However, if Microsoft goes forward with this, then people who don’t want their eyeballs seared with white photons during late night work session are surely going to love it.

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