Support For Face Unlock Might Finally Be Arriving to The Google Pixel 6 Series

Google Wants to Bring Face Unlock to Google Pixel 6 Series via a Software Update.
Google Pixel 6

It been almost five months since Google unveiled its Pixel 6 Series of flagship smartphones, but many of you still might not know that both the devices lacked support something as common as face unlock, a feature which is even common among mid-range smartphones. However, it looks like this below and useful feature might finally be making its way to the Google Pixel 6 Series via an future software update.

In an recent development, a developer who goes by the username @mile on Twitter was able to discover some new changes being made to the PowerHAL (Android’s background process responsible for power management) config file which came with QRP3 Beta Build 1.1 of Android 12. To his surprise the new changes hint towards a feature called “Tuscany”.

For those of you who don’t know, Google was initially rumoured to be working on a face unlock feature codenamed “Tuscany” which was thought to have been scrapped due to its impact on the overall battery life.

The developer further notes that  Google doesn’t make any changes to Android’s open-soure code on Git if the changes are related to experimental features found in developer previews or beta releases. This suggests that there’s a possibility that Google is still actively working on bringing Face Unlock to the Pixel 6 Series, which most probably would be enabled via a future software update.

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