Stuffcool Centurion 100W: New Fast Charger Goes on Sale in India


Stuffcool is a company that makes various products ranging from chargers, phone cases to audio products. The latest addition to their arsenal is a mighty 100W charger. This charger can not only charge two phones at the same time but two laptops as well! The charger features 2 Type-A ports and is compatible with proprietary charging tech like OnePlus‘ Warp, Oppo’s VOOC, etc.

One charger for all your devices

Although Stuffcool Centurion is an ultrabook charger, it can also charge most of your other electronic devices. This includes your smartwatch, DSLR camera, Bluetooth headphones/earbuds, and of course, smartphones. It divides the 100W total output for optimal charging of all connected devices. The image below gives you an idea about how the charger distributes the actual power when different ports are being used.

image 3

This is a great tool for those who are tired of managing different power bricks and charging cables together. The Centurion helps you eliminate the need to have different power bricks for different products. You might still have to deal with the cables but hey, something is better than nothing.

Safety Measures

If you are thinking about whether or not a 100W charger is safe for your devices, Stuffcool has got you covered. The company claims that the charger is equipped with 6 layers of safety features that will not only keep the charger safe but will also prevent your device from excessive heating and damage.

Supports Proprietary Charging

As mentioned before, the charger supports various proprietary charging technology like Samsung AFC, VOOC, Moto TurboCharge, and OnePlus Warp charge. This is possible with the two Type-A ports enabled with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0. Faster charging speeds can be attained if you use the original cables you receive with your device or at least a cable carrying 5A of power.

You can purchase Stuffcool Centurion 100W Charger on their official website or on Amazon as well.

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