Spotify’s ‘Your Library’ has been Updated with New Grid Views, Dynamic Filters, Improved Search, and More


Spotify today announced a redesign of “Your library” for iOS and Android users, with the goal of making it easier to locate and find songs, podcasts, and other content through dynamic filters, a new Grid view, and other features.

Spotify says these changes will be rolled out to all iOS and Android users over the next few weeks, so not everyone will notice them right away. The addition of “Dynamic Filters” is one of the most noticeable changes to the “Your Library” interface. These new filters operate in a “tap and go” fashion, with tapping specific filters such as Downloaded, Albums, etc… automatically updating which filters are presented based on the content in your library.

“New dynamic filters to help you browse that collection. Choose between album, artist, playlist, or podcast to see the audio you’ve saved that matches. Then, if you’re on the go, simply tap the Downloaded filter to view all your content available offline* at once”

“Your Library” will also get a new Grid view, which will display album, playlist, and podcast cover art in large tiles. Users will also be able to pin up to four different playlists, albums, or podcast shows to the top of their library for quick and easy access.

More control and easier access to what you listen to most. Choose up to four playlists, albums, or podcast shows to keep pinned for instant access so you can quickly dive back into that work playlist or sleep podcast. Simply swipe right on these items to see the “pin” option.

While all of the changes will be available to both paying and free Spotify users, the “Downloaded” filter will require a premium subscription.

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