Spotify Launches Clubhouse Clone: ‘Spotify Greenroom’

Spotify Greenroom
Clubhouse Clone ‘Spotify Greenroom’ Launched

On Wednesday, Spotify Greenroom, a new live audio app and Clubhouse competitor, was released. This launch also signals Spotify’s foray into audio rooms, a booming trend popularised by Clubhouse. It is accessible in over 135 markets on both iOS and Android.

The new app is simply the Locker Room app, which was developed by Betty Labs and bought by Spotify in March. Since then, Spotify has been busy transforming Locker Room into what is now officially unveiled as Greenroom. The app’s design and feel has been updated to the distinctive Spotify green colour.

Despite the fact that it has the Spotify name, Greenroom is a different app from Spotify. It operates on the same fundamental principle as Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse live audio rooms, in which users may interact with artists.

Spotify Greenroom: How it Works

Create a Room | Spotify Greenroom
Create a Room | Spotify Greenroom

Similar to Clubhouse, Greenroom provides a live audio experience with the option for every user to host or participate in a live room chat. Greenroom can be accessed using your existing Spotify login information.

Spotify has added the ability to record in order to supplement your on-demand entertainment with live discussions. There are additional chat settings to ensure that users can limit who participates when necessary.

Spotify Greenroom has groups for various topics such as celebrity news, comedy, and NBA. These groups provide live audio sessions, so you have to choose a group that interests you from the available ones. These groups are presented on the Spotify Greenroom home screen, along with the several rooms that are currently active inside each group.

When you make a room, you must share it with a group in order to invite them to participate. You can also look at the calendar to see what rooms are available and make a reminder.

There is also the opportunity to obtain the room recordings. When the session is finished, Spotify will send an email with a recording of the room. There is also a chat component that may be activated when creating a room.

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Spotify is also creating a Creator Fund to assist live audio creators in monetizing their work. Payments will be made based on how much of your live content is consumed and how many people visit your rooms after you sign up. As your listening base expands, so will your income.

Spotify intends to introduce fresh material on areas such as music, culture, and entertainment, as well as sports, a speciality of Locker Room. Greenroom is only available in English as of now, and you must agree to a set of terms and conditions distinct from Spotify before using it.

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