Spotify & Netflix Announces ‘Netflix Hub’ Featuring Music From Netflix Shows and Movies


According to the blog post posted on Spotify’s newsroom, Netflix and Spotify have joined hands to create a “Netflix Hub”, in what seems like a bizzare crossover between the audio streaming and video streaming platform. This crossover aims to create a new hub where fans can listen to all the official soundtracks, playlists and podcasts related to Netflix Inc’s shows and movies.

This new feature is open to all Spotify users, whether they are subscribed to Netflix or not, and is available to users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Ireland, and India starting from today while the users will be able to access the Netflix hub by simply searching for “Netflix” on Spotify.

Netflix Hub Interface

The main inspiration behind this collaboration, as stated by Spotify on the official post says Quote:

"Today’s trending shows and movies aren’t just inspiring fandoms, they’re also fueling internet-wide obsessions. So much so that within two weeks of Squid Game’s debut on Netflix, Spotify listeners had created more than 22,500 unique themed playlists to keep the experience going. It’s clear that after the credits roll, viewers are left wanting even more—and they come to Spotify to hear it" 

As of now, the Netflix Hub offers soundtracks, music and playlists from  Stranger ThingsLa Casa De PapelNarcos: MexicoOuter BanksSquid Gametick, tick…Boom! BridgertonCowboy BebopVirgin RiverOn My Block, and others with many more expected to come in the future.

Apart from this, the Netflix Hub also offers a wide selection of podcasts related or directly connected to Netflix shows and movies, such as Okay, Now ListenNetflix Is A Daily Joke, 10/10 (Would Recommend), The Crown: The Official Podcast or Behind the Scenes: Shadow and Bone, and so on.


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And this is nothing new as before joining hands with Netflix, Spotify had also collaborated with Disney back in 2019 to launch the Disney hub, which contained all the official Disney playlists, soundtracks, and Disney-themed podcasts.

Generally speaking, to an ordinary music listener, the ‘Netflix Hub’ would feel just like a glorified Spotify playlist, while this seems like an excellent addition for avid music collectors who are always on the lookout for fantastic new songs, as this feature will act as an aggregator and save time taken to find that one song that’s stuck in your head, from an episode you had watched earlier on Netflix.

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