Sony could be the first one-inch camera sensor on a smartphone


Before long ago, Sony could make even the largest phone cameras appear small. The developed leaker Rodent950 claims that Sony will release the first one-inch phone-oriented camera sensor, the IMX800, in April, according to Gizmochina.

The tipster was timid about the specifics. Huawei is reportedly one of the first to use the giant Sony camera sensor in a smartphone, however, and to incorporate it into the P50 series. With ultra-wide and telephoto cameras, including periscope lenses on higher-end models, the lineup would complement the main sensor.

  • The first one-inch telephone camera sensor is currently being prepared by Sony.
  • Huawei, in the P50 series, maybe one of the first to use it.
  • There could be a sensor arriving in April.

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There is no mention of what the latest Sony camera sensor is capable of doing. However, for portraits and other close-ups, such a relatively large surface could enhance low-light photography and create a more appealing bokeh (soft background blur).

The first time a one-inch sensor makes its way into a phone wouldn’t be this. The technology was crammed into a camera and phone hybrid with Panasonic’s 2014 Lumix CM1. The system, however, used sensor technology originally developed for dedicated cameras, which would be purpose-built for the Sony hardware.

Just don’t expect the IMX800 to become omnipresent, provided the rumor is right. Even by the standards of modern phones, a one-inch sensor is wide and could restrict the available space for secondary cameras. More likely, the Sony sensor will find its way into phones where space for cameras is simply not a problem. Still, for smartphone photo enthusiasts determined to leave mirrorless and point-and-shoot cams at home, it could be good news.

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