Snapchat to allocate $1M among the finest creators!


After Instagram, Snapchat has officially come up with something like TikTok with a new feature called ‘spotlight’. Is it bounded mostly to the youth? let’s find out.

Snapchat has freshly added a new feature ‘Spotlight’ where users can view short, amusing videos in a vertical scrollable manner. Familiar right? TikTok was the first one to start the trend, followed by Instagram who launched a similar feature in the form of Instagram Reels. In the spotlight feature, users can showcase their innovative efforts which can comprise something entertaining such as dancing, singing, cooking, crafts, make-up, and almost anything that tickle their fancy, but that too in a limited time.

Snapchat – The fastest way to share a moment!

The spotlight feature’s algorithm will work much like TikTok’s ‘For You’ feature where they’ll use a combination of factors to rank the snaps in your own feed such as, how long the user watches a particular snap, how many others found the same snaps fascinating, if it was marked as favorite or shared with your mates, and many more. The algorithm works negatively too when you skip the snaps immediately after opening them. As per Snapchat, the algorithms will determine to surface the most engaging snaps on a personalized basis.

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