Snapchat Pixy Launches as a Pocket-Sized Camera Drone That Follows You Around

Five Years After It Released Spectacles, Snap Is Back With Its Second Hardware Product.
Snapchat Pixy

Snap inc, Snapchat’s parent company has been know to offer a few hardware devices every now and then, with the last one being its infamous Snapchat spectacles, a pair of $130 (Rs 9.562) camera sunglasses that allowed users to take photos and videos that can be posted directly to Snapchat.

Now, the company has unveiled a tiny camera drone called Pixy that that can fit in your palm of your hand and follows you around taking videos of you that can be wireless transferred to you phone and saved into Snapchat Memories posted directly on Snapchat.

Snap Pixy 2

Snap Inc.’s new camera drone which is small and light enough to fit in a pocket ditches a controller in favour of six pre-programmed flight paths that can be configured using a dial on the top of the drone, once configured the tiny drone automatically tracks you as you move around, taking photos and videos.

Coming to its cameras, the pixy has two, one 12MP primary video camera let’s you records around 100 video and 1000 photos that are stored on 16GB of onboard storage. Meanwhile, the other one is a downward facing camera that is used by the drones landing mechanical that lets the tiny drone automatically land on your palm.

Snap Pixy

This leads us to the elephant in the room, its battery life, as the drone is rated to offer around 10-15 videos worth of flight time. But thankfully once discharged you can simply swap out the battery that is affixed at the bottom of the drone.

As far as its pricing and availability goes Pixy’s will be available to purchase in USA and France with the Pixy flight Pack that offers the drone along with with a dual battery charger and 2 batteries priced at $250 (around Rs 19,120) meanwhile you will have the ability to purchase the dual battery charger and the battery itself at a price of $49.99 (around Rs 3,822) and $19.99 (around Rs 1,528) respectively.

Snap Pixy 4

Whatever the case is, its kind of awesome to see snap’s new tiny drone as it provides a way to make drones more accessible and mainstream while still making is easy to use for anyone who has never used a drone before.

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