Share Your Birthday With Instagram if You Want to Keep Using It

Instagrams new bithday policy

Instagram updates its policies from time to time to help serve the users better on its platform. Now, according to the latest update to the policy, you will need to enter your birthday in the app if you haven’t yet. “This information is necessary for new features we’re developing to protect young people”, says Instagram in its recent blog post.

The company has already been collecting this data for a while now. In their March update, Instagram made sure adults cannot send messages to people under 18 who don’t follow them. The newer accounts below the age of 16 will also by default be set to private. All of these changes surely help keep non-consensual content away from young people.

Two new changes

The first way Instagram intends to collect your birth date is by asking you for it when you open the application. This will happen a few times and if you still don’t fill out the information, you will be locked out and will have to fill it in, in order to use its services.

Three phones in a row displaying the different steps to add your birthday in Instagram.

The other way to Instagram will collect your birth date is by asking you to fill out your birthday before you can watch posts that have warnings over them. Some posts have a hidden sign and ask if you would like to view the content in it. This usually applies to content that might be sensitive and graphic to some users.

Three phones in a row displaying a warning screen on a Instagram post and the prompt screen to add your birthday.

Many will try to enter the wrong birth dates but Instagram plans on countering this by creating better systems to address these issues. The company says, “As we shared recently, we’re using artificial intelligence to estimate how old people are based on things like “Happy Birthday” posts. In the future, if someone tells us they’re above a certain age, and our technology tells us otherwise, we’ll show them a menu of options to verify their age”

These measures will help provide a private and safer environment to younger people and that is why it is so important for the company is what they have to say.

What are your thoughts about providing your age to a social media platform? Do let us know in the comments below.

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