For Technophiles, September 2021 Promises to Be the Ideal Month

For Technophiles, September 2021 Promises to Be the Ideal Month
This year’s most anticipated smartphone will be released in September 2021

It appears September 2021 will be jam-packed with cutting-edge technologies. Apple, Google, Samsung, and other manufacturers will all be launching new products within days of each other, and their launch events are likely to be close together.

Smartphones Expected in September 2021

September is going to be mind-boggling!

It is expected that Apple will receive the greatest amount of attention. On 14 September, Apple will likely launch the next iPhone. The phone will come with a number of upgrades, including camera and performance improvements as well. A smaller notch is also expected this year. However, no major changes are expected.

Meanwhile, Google’s Pixel is likely to receive major revisions. With the Pixel 6 series, Google will be featuring an impressive camera array on the back, and its design will most likely be a completely unique approach. This will be the first time the Pixel 6 will use Google’s in-house Tensor chipset, which was specifically designed. The event is expected to take place on September 13th, one day before the new iPhone 13 is released.

Meanwhile, Samsung might not launch its own device but the company is expected to release an update to the Galaxy S21 series in September. We can expect to see the new Galaxy S21 FE model as well as future Galaxy S21 models being revealed in the coming days. As reported initially, Apple is scheduled to announce its new iPhone on September 8th, almost a week before Google. The Galaxy S21 FE, on the other hand, will not be as competitive as the other flagship phones.

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As it stands, OnePlus will not be releasing the OnePlus 9T this year. However, there may be a new version of the OnePlus 9RT, a mid-range update. As of now, no information has been revealed yet, including a precise launch date for these devices, and there are no leaks either. 

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