How to Send Disappearing Messages in Just About Any Chat App on This Planet

Disappearing Messages

Online privacy has become a very important thing to consider now a days with every damn company wanting to harvest your personal and private data without your consent, but how do you protect your privacy online? the answer is using VPN and apps with end-to-end encryption or disappearing messages that come with most of the chat apps.

However many people still don’t know that this feature even exists and how to use it. So, we have set up a Guide explaining how you can send disappearing messages from any chat of your choice:


WhatsApp rolled out the disappearing messages feature for its users back in November 2020, with the only major drawback being that when this feature is enabled, new messages will stay there for seven days before disappearing and this duration can’t be adjusted in the app’s settings.

While this feature is very easy to enable when compared to other apps and you can enable this feature on your device too by following the steps listed below:

  • Open a WhatsApp chat
  • Click on the contact’s profile
  • Tap Disappearing messages. If prompted, hit Continue
  • Select On
disappearing messages whatsapp


Like WhatsApp, Facebook‘s ahem… Meta’s other apps Messenger and Instagram also come with a similar feature called vanish mode which automatically deletes messages older than six hours.

To turn on vanish mode in Instagram, enter the chat thread of your choice and swipe up. Your screen will go dark indicating the switch. While you can exit Vanish Mode, just by swiping up again.

Instagram vanish mode

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When it comes to disappearing messages in Messenger, things get a bit complicated, as Messenger does support vanish mode just like instagram but this feature is not available in few countries including India.

However, these other countries can use Messengers secret conservation feature. This basically adds end-to-end encryption to the messages. This feature can be enabled by following the steps below:

  • At the top of the conversation, tap on name of the person or the group chat
  • Click on Disappearing Messages
  • Select when you want messages to disappear from the chat after they’ve been seen
  • Hit Ok


Telegram has had a self-destruct timer for encrypted Secret Chats since 2013, however this feature was only extended to all the conversations much later.

This feature allows you to set a self destruct timer which automatically erases messages regularly every 24 hours, seven days, or even a month after you’ve sent the message.

If you are on an Android device, you can turn on this feature by selecting a Telegram Conversation. Next, tap ⋮ > Clear History, choose a duration, and tap Enable Auto-Delete. While on iOS, click on a Telegram conversation, then tap and hold a message. Next, choose a duration and tap Done.


Signal started offering disappearing messages way back in 2016 when it was a very niche app with a small user base, since the app has grown out to be a very privacy centric messanging app and provides way more features and customisation options than WhatsApp or any other messaging apps.

Signal allows you to make messages disappear after any length of time starting from one second to four weeks which can be set as default for all your conversations, rather than creating separate ones for every chat unlike what we have seen with WhatsApp.

  • For the default timer, open Signal and go to Settings > Privacy
  • Click on Disappearing messages and select your choice of timer
  • On Android, hit Save. On iOS, tap Set.

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