Seagate has announced the launch of the new cloud SAAS service

Lyve cloud
Lyve cloud

Seagate, a data storage provider, has released Lyve Cloud, a new storage-as-a-service platform that is an S3-compatible storage-only cloud.

Lyve Cloud allows always-on mass capacity data storage and activation, and the service is designed to help organizations unlock the value of their vast unstructured datasets by being quick, trustworthy, and powerful.

Seagate is partnering with Equinix as part of its latest offering to extend Lyve Cloud’s scope and provide comprehensive interconnect opportunities for additional cloud computing services and geographic expansion.

Ravi Naik, EVP of storage services and CIO at Seagate, clarified how the latest solution will help customers activate more of their valuable data in a press release announcing Lyve Cloud:

“Lyve Cloud is a natural extension of Seagate’s mass data solutions leadership, merging our mass capacity HDD creativity with deep storage industry expertise to help customers activate more of their valuable data,” says Seagate. According to the Rethink Data study from Seagate, up to 68 percent of data accessible to companies is unused. Lyve Cloud lets enterprises store and enable their data at scale, safely and efficiently, by providing a reliable and cost-effective cloud storage solution at the metro edge, closer to where their data is generated.”

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Lyve Cloud

Customers can take advantage of the size and productivity of object service at the metro edge by placing Lyve Cloud infrastructure near Equity Meta within Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers. Equinix Fabric, on the other hand, can be used to connect data sources to a range of edge and cloud-based apps for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

Another advantage of locating Lyvee Cloud infrastructure in metro edge colocation data centers is that data is stored and processed closer to where it is generated, resulting in lower latency.

Customers can maintain complete control of their data while lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO) for storing large datasets with Lyvee Cloud’s no-lock in and egress payments. Enterprise customers will benefit from the offering’s ISO27001 and SOC2 certifications, which provide always-on encryption for data in motion and at rest.

Organizations interested in learning more about Lyvee Cloud should register here to attend Seagate’s Datasphere 2021 virtual event on March 30.

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