Schedule your smart lights with Google assistant!

Google assistant!

As we have been familiar with some remarkable features of the Google assistant in controlling your devices and smart homes, in the list of ‘how to make your life more automating’, Google has bombarded two new features to make your house ravishing as ever.

Up until Google assistant was only capable to turn on/off lights for your sake, it couldn’t turn it at a specific time as per the requirement. Now that it has become smarter, you can schedule your lights as you desire, all you call for is just a simple “okay Google!” with your demand and leave it all on the Genie. For instance, you can command Google assistant to “switch off the lights for an hour” till you take your afternoon nap or to “switch on the lights for the next two hours” until you are done with your make-up.

google assistant

Not only that, but you can also schedule your lights for the whole week in advance! It might seem a little bizarre to some, but this is for all the precisians.

To schedule your lights in advance,

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Go to Settings>Routines
  • Create a new routine with the + button
  • Scroll to the “Set a time and day” option and just schedule your things ahead of time.

Users will now also be able to relish schedule actions for the variation of smart home gadgets such as you can switch your coffee machine, washing machine, fans, and many more in advance.

Overall, in the current day and age, you can link almost every single part of your life with technology, in order to make life finer and simpler with better amenities and opulence.

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