Samsung’s New DDR5 Technology Delivers 512GB of 7200MHz RAM on a Single Stick

Samsung Shows-Off Its New Cutting Edge DDR5 Memory Technology In a YouTube Video.
Samsung DDR5 RAM Technology

DDR4 RAM has been a standard part of most computers since 2015. However, it was nowhere near the latest DDR5 memory standard that is deemed to be the future of RAM technology and offers improved data transfer rates, clock speeds, all while having slightly lower power consumption than its predecessor.

Seeing this one of the current industry-leading suppliers of DDR4 memory, Samsung who is planning to take the lead in the development of DDR5 RAM first unveiled its latest DDR5 RAM solution at CES 2022, which packs 512GB of 7200MHz DDR5 memory on a single DIMM (RAM Stick) might soon make its way to data centers.

According to a YouTube video posted on Samsung’s channel that highlighting the latest features of it’s cutting DDR5 technology, the new technology builds on Samsung’s earlier memory stacking tech, which is now improved to be around 40% thinner than its predecessor. This allows Samsung to pack as much as 8-layers of DDR5 memory on every single DRAM module compared to just 4-layers on DDR4 memory.

Samsung's New DDR5 Technology

On the other hand you would expect such a drastic increase in performance to take a toll on power efficiently, but it is not the case. Samsung’s huge 512GB DDR5-7200 memory modules operate at 1.1V, which is just 0.92x the voltage for DDR4.

Samsung says that this improved power efficiency is only possible due to its high-efficiency power management IC (PMIC), voltage regulator and the High-K Metal gate process. This not only contributes to lower voltage operation, but it also reduced the electromagnetic interference/noise in the process which is further assisted by Samsung’s memory module comes with on-die error-correction code (ODECC) that will ensure more reliable and secure data handling at high bandwidth of upto 6400Mbps, twice that of DDR4.

Samsung's New DDR5 Technology

That said, Samsung first unveiled its new technology back at CES 2022, before it was mass produced and Samsung might finally start supplying its newest and mightiest DDR5 RAM to data centres anytime now. However, it will take much longer time before it becomes mainstream as current DDR5 RAM for normal consumers top out at around 64GB.

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