Samsung Unpacked Part 2 Was Disappointing! — Full Recap

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

Samsung’s Unpacked Part 2 event just ended, and it is being regarded in the community as “disappointing.” No new product or device was launched at the event, but we saw some new customization changes. These new changes are undoubtedly important for the niche community, though. The lack of a new device launch at the event certainly won’t make the same volume of headlines as the Apple Event or Pixel event for this event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 BESPOKE Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 got the BESPOKE Edition today, making the phone a lot more personal for the buyer. Consumers can now customize the color of the phone’s frame and have a choice between grey and black colors. The more major update, though, was that buyers can now customize the colors of their front and back panels from a total of 49 shades based on their preference. The phones will be custom-made the moment you order one! Samsung is offering all these changes for just a $100 markup on the price of the regular Galaxy Z Flip3.

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Samsung Watch4 & Buds 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has also received a BESPOKE edition which offers similar benefits to the mobile phone. It is also getting a 40mm Maison Kitsune Edition that you can buy for $399. Other than the design and appearance changes, though, there’s also new live wallpaper watch faces, a knock-knock gesture to launch a pre-selected app, and enhanced fall detection.

The final announcement was a new design of Buds 2. Samsung has collaborated with French brand Maison Kitsuné to offer the Maison Kitsuné Edition of the Buds 2, which offers just design changes.

That was all that was launched today! We expected a lot more from the event like the S21FE, and these updates could have been announced from a simple press release too!

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