AMD Joins Hands With Samsung to Produce its Next-Gen 3nm Chips


Semiconductor shortage doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, however this hasn’t been an obstacle for innovation with many companies already rushing to get their hand on the latest 3 nanometer node of manufacturing chips, as we have seen with Apple already making a deal with TSMC to produce it’s 3 nanometer chips which will be powering Apple’s upcoming devices in late 2022 and early 2023, while it is expected to begin its production sometime in mid 2022.

Seeing this AMD and Qualcomm don’t want to be left behind and will be joining hand with the South Korean chip manufacturing and consumer electronics giant Samsung to produce their next-gen 3 nanometer chips.

AMD joining hands with Samsung was kind of expected, as AMD has already collaborated with Samsung in the past to provide its RDNA 2 GPU architecture for Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2200 SoC which will be fabbed using Samsung’s 4 nanometer node expected to make its debut at the end of 2021.

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Transistor Design Technology

It is speculated that Samsung will be using its new gate-all-around field-effect transistor (GAAFET) technology for manufacturing chips on its 3nm node, which should enter production sometime in 2022.

TSMC on the other hand, will be using its older N3 and N3E technology for its 3 nanometer node while the company’s gate-all-around field-effect transistor (GAAFET) based N2 technology is expected to arrive by 2025.

Overall, we can’t wait to see what 3 nanometer processors have to offer in terms of performance, with 5 nanometer chips already being very powerful, and how will this competition turn out to be beneficial for its end users i.e. its customers.

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