Samsung Releases A New Update For Older Tizen OS Galaxy Watches

Samsung Releases A New Update For Older Tizen OS Galaxy Watches

Samsung just released One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 for Galaxy S21 Series. In the same announcement, the company mentioned older Samsung Galaxy Watches getting an update too. And as promised, here are the upgraded health and personalization features.

Which devices will receive the update? The update is available for Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Watch3. Now that we have that out of the way let us look at the features the update brings.

Fall detection is an essential feature for smartwatches to have. Especially for the elderly, this feature can be a matter of life or death. Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3 users now get an option to select a higher fall detection sensitivity.

Advanced Fall Detection on Samsung Galaxy Watch

It allows users to choose to detect a fall even when standing still. When the watch detects a fall, it will send an SOS to all the selected contacts. This feature has saved many lives across numerous instances. (To notify an emergency contact, a network connection is required. GPS accuracy may be affected by obstructions to the satellite signal, such as buildings.)

Those that exercise regularly will know that exercising alone might be refreshing. However, the motivation provided by “Gym Bro’s” hyping you up is on another level altogether. And Samsung has implemented a new feature called Group challenges.

Group challenges on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Group challenges allow users to add family or friends to a challenge and then compete as individuals or in groups to see who finishes the challenges first. All from your wrist. Challenges help bring out the best in people (or the worst) but provide that push to complete a task first or the fastest among all other competitors.

New Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces

Well, with new features, users also get new watch faces. You do need cosmetic changes from time to time. And now, users get ten new different watch faces from the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. Samsung says,

“Some of the new watch faces are designed to enable you to take personalization a step further. Tapping on these watch faces will enable you to pick between different background or text colours, while the Animals watch face allows you to choose between different colourful animated creatures like a monkey, rabbit, sheep or cat.”

The update will initially be available on Bluetooth devices and will roll out to LTE versions later.

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