Samsung Patents Design for Triple Foldable Phone, Here’s What We Know

Samsung Triple Foldable Phone
Samsung Patent a Triple Foldable Phone

Days after Samsung made headlines with its outrageous patent for a rollable display, the Sout Korean technology major has come up with yet another unconventional concept. We have come across a patent filing by Samsung that indicates it is working on a triple foldable smartphone.

From the patent documents, we can witness the phone’s overall design and folding mechanism in all its glory. Given that Samsung has previously aced foldable phone designs with the Galaxy Flip and Fold series, we can expect the triple folding mechanism to improve on the current generation, assuming that Samsung intends to introduce a retail phone with this design.

Take a look at some of the images from the patent filing below.

The hinge design seems similar to what we have seen on pervious Samsung foldable smartphone, so we can expect something similar with this tri-fold smartphone. However, it isn’t entirely clear how Samsung plans to do this. On the front, there’s a tiny punch-hole cut out for the selfie camera, as well as low bezels for an immersive viewing experience. Two distinct hinges where the phone folds can be observed on the back.

It could be attractive when you’re at home or office, though where you can open or fold the display as and when needed. Note that the phone can be used as a normal smartphone and features an under-display front camera. The document also suggest that the handset will support accessories such as Gaming controller and keyboards.

Since this is a patent filing, we are unsure if this product would ever make it to production. But there is no denying that this indeed is an interesting choice of design and will definitely be a head-turner if releases!

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