Samsung Notes Now Has More Than 1 Billion Installs on Playstore

Samsung Notes 1 Billion Installs
Samsung Notes Reaches 1 Billion Installs

The Samsung Notes app recently reached a billion downloads, demonstrating the brand’s popularity. Like many other Samsung Apps, is only available for Samsung smartphones.

Users can use Samsung Notes to make new notes as well as display, edit, and sync them with other Galaxy devices. It’s like getting a portable notebook on your device. Users may take digital or handwritten notes whenever an idea strikes and save them for later use.

Part of the reason why it needed an extra year and a half compared to its email counterpart to pass the same threshold is mainly explained by the fact that some older Samsung devices didn’t come with it pre-installed, and the app seems to have been moved to the Play Store more recently too.

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The Samsung Notes app is probably the app that has always been somewhat avoided since it was originally built around the S Pen, which was only available on Galaxy Note devices and some tablets before Samsung introduced support for its stylus to the Galaxy S series phones with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, you can use its other fantastic features such as importing PDFs and writing on them, inserting voiceovers as a notice to match with sketches and annotations, taking handwritten notes and digitising them, and so on.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a Galaxy Note unit, you can do even more with notes. Take out your S Pen and start taking notes without unlocking your Galaxy Note, for example, or take notes on several pages and handle them later, arrange notes and pin them if necessary, and so on.

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The milestone achieved by Samsung refers to the fact that the Samsung Notes app is very active and successful these days. It also implies that people are possibly using the software on different devices.

Samsung’s success has a major impact on their apps. Not only did Samsung Notes hit this milestone, but so did Samsung Internet, Samsung Email, and Samsung Voice Recorder. It’s not about success, but Samsung’s devices and apps are getting better all the time.

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