Samsung Launched an ISOCELL JN1 Sensor with 50 MP Resolution

Samsung ISOCELL JN1 Sensor
Samsung ISOCELL JN1 Sensor

Samsung revealed the ISOCELL sensor (HM3) earlier this year, a 1/1.33” sensor with 108MP resolution that we saw in action on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The company also teased a video a few days ago of the ISOCELL JN1 sensor, following a tweet that suggested an imminent launch.

Today, the company introduced its latest 1/2.76″ camera sensor ISOCELL JN1 with 50MP resolution. The size of a single-pixel is just 0.64 μm.

Samsung ISOCELL 1/2.76” 0.64µm Sensor
Samsung ISOCELL 1/2.76” 0.64µm Sensor

The JN1 sensor would replace the 48MP 0.8µm sensor used in Samsung’s existing entry-level and mid-range phones. The sensor has ISOCELL 2.0 for advanced pixel isolation and minimizes cross-talk. This results in improved light sensitivity and color accuracy with upgraded materials between color filters that don’t let light pass through from pixel to pixel.

The ISOCELL JN1 features Tetrapixel technology that houses four pixels into one big 1.28μm pixel for vivid 12.5 MP images with minimal noise.

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Samsung ISOCELL JN1 Sensor
Samsung ISOCELL JN1 Sensor

This also enhances real-time HDR exposures and phase-detection, which Samsung likes to call as Double Super PD. The micro-lens on the top of the JN1 has been redesigned, in order to enhance autofocus speed and accuracy.

The JN1 sensor is capable to capture video up to 4K@60fps and 1080p@240fps, but it will depend on the various smartphones. The ISOCELL JN1 is already under mass production, so we could see a smartphone with JN1 sensor soon.

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