Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Users With The Exynos Variant Are Reportedly Facing Weird Display Glitches


Since the release of Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, many users have reported facing several software related issues including issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity; touch input, biometric failures and so on. However, it looks like Samsung’s latest and the greatest offering, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is facing display issues of its own.

According to various posts on Reddit and Samsung’s official forum users are noticing strange flickering lines that can appear across the display when perfoming graphic intensive tasks or using the fingerprint scanner, especially, when the both the display refresh rate and resolution setting are turned all the way up.

Additionally, the reports suggest that this bug is not found on the Qualcomm variant and seems to only affect the phones using Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chipset which is expected to be sold only in Europe. This means it could very well be a hardware issue that is caused due to AMD’s new RDNA GPU that is integrated with the Exynos 2200 chipset.

While this issue can easily be avoided by turning down either the refresh rate or the resolution settings; this is totally unacceptable if you’ve paid astonishingly high amounts of money for a flagship phone and you can’t even use it on the max settings.

As of now we cannot say how widespread this issue really is, as this issue has appeared on pre-release review units and we will have to wait to see if this issue still persists on the final consumer units that are scheduled to be made available on 25th February.

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