Samsung’s New 65W Superfast Charger Makes Yet Another Appearance

Samsung Galaxy S22 Superfast Charger Of 65W Gets a Confirmation
The charger may not be included in the retail box

Of late, there’s been a lot of chatter around a new 65W fast charger that Samsung is supposedly working on. The new fast charger which is likely to be announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy S22 sometime next year supports USB Power Delivery and bears the model number EP-TA865. Anyway, you’re reading about it today because the product has just made its official appearance on Danish certification body, Demko.

Samsung’s 65W fast charger details

From the document, it is evident that the new charger supports both USB-PD and PPS certifications and can deliver up to 65W of power at 20V/3.25A. For ‘slower’ devices, the charger also supports lower 5V, 9V, and 15V configurations to deliver 15W, 27W or 45W of power. In addition to the certification from Demko, the charger has also received approval from TUV SUD.

 Galaxy S22
UL (Demko)
 Galaxy S22
TUV SUD Certification

Samsung has, for a long time, lagged behind Chinese brands like Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi in terms of charging speeds being offered. While this could hesitancy could be a result of Samsung’s past experience with the Galaxy Note 7, it is about time Samsung realized that that event is now half a decade old. Besides, most Chinese brands have already done the groundwork to ensure safe fast charging. In short, it is high time Samsung devices support faster-charging speeds.

While the Samsung Galaxy S22 may become the first handset to officially support this 65W charger, it is probable that we will see more devices added to the list of supported products by next year.

Watch this space!

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