Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Z Flip 3 Tipped to Launch in August

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Z Flip 3
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Z Flip 3

Samsung has announced that there will be no Galaxy Note phone this year, and the series appears to be dead. However, Samsung’s next batch of Galaxy phones could arrive just in time to fill the void left by the Galaxy Note series’ absence this year. The company seems to want to divert Note users to its foldable Galaxy Z devices, which could be released at the same time as the Note 20.

According to Yonhap, Samsung will hold an Unpacked event for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and Galaxy S21 FE between early and mid-August. This new Galaxy S21 FE release date corresponds to what was revealed by a leaked Samsung roadmap, which predicted the phone’s release date to be August 19.

It also means that the latest Fan Edition will be available sooner than its predecessor, which was revealed in September of last year.

In August of last year, the Z Flip 5G, a more powerful, 5G-enabled version of the original Flip, was launched. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 was released in September, and the Galaxy S21 FE was released in October.

Samsung appears to be hoping that the simultaneous introduction of new smartphones will fill the void left by the Galaxy Note. On August 21, the Note 20 became available for purchase.

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Meanwhile, a previous report indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 will be available in July. This year, the foldable phones are expected to replace the Galaxy Note series, complete with S Pen support for enhanced usability.

Until now, Samsung has not sent us any clues about the new Galaxies, but reports and leaks have painted a fairly accurate picture of what we might expect.

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The report also confirms the rumour that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 would be less expensive than the Flip 5G. It is estimated to cost about 500,000 South Korean won ($450) less in Korea than the Z Flip, which cost 1.65 million won ($1,483) at launch.

The Z Flip 5G was initially priced at $1,449 in the United States but was later lowered to $1,199. The price of the Z Flip 3 is expected to range between $990 and $1,199.

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The price of the Fold 2 has also been reduced by $200, and the Z Fold 3 is expected to cost at least the same as the current $1,799 price.

According to today’s news, the Galaxy S21 FE will be priced at 700,000 won ($629), which is approximately the same as the S20 FE, which was priced at $699 at launch.

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