Samsung Flip Battery Capacity Flip Galaxy Z Certified for 3C, SafetyKorea, and DEKRA 

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Samsung is rumored to be working on a second-generation Flip-fold smartphone, called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, that will be released soon. While we’re not sure whether Samsung will call it the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 or will skip the number 2 and call it the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, we spotted the device’s alleged battery on the SafetyKorea certification website today, which reveals some key information about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2’s battery capacity. Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 battery’s Safety Korea certification and DEKRA certification to see what it has in store for us.

The alleged Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 battery is accredited by SafetyKorea and DEKRA.

The alleged Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 battery (model number SM-F711) will have a 2,300mAh rated capacity and a 2,370mAh typical capacity, as seen in the SafetyKorea certification photos. There’s also a battery model (SM-F712) with a capacity of 903mAh. The DEKRA certification website has also confirmed the same.

Samsung CU9032F101

In reality, the battery has previously been accredited by the 3C certification. All of these certifications lead us to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2’s release is not far off.

Samsung EB BF711ABY 3C

As of now, this is all the information we have on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, but as the launch date approaches, we will undoubtedly receive more details. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we know something.

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