Samsung Did Not Renew “Galaxy Note” Trademark

Galaxy Note Dead

Smartphone maker Samsung has been making “Galaxy Note” phones for a very long time with the latest being the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The Note series was their flagship smartphone series that featured some top-of-the-line specifications, exceptional design, and support for the famous S Pen. The company had confirmed that there will be no new Note phone this year although they did say that a new Galaxy Note series phone might be releasing next year. But, the brand seems to have no interest in continuing this series ever again.

A new report from Galaxy Club shows that the South Korean tech giant is only renewing 4 trademarks for its smartphone lineup, Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z. The trademarks list is missing Galaxy Note. This could indicate that no new Galaxy Note devices will be released and there’s no long-term interest of the brand in continuing the Note series.

The company might not launch any major Galaxy Note device in the future. The Galaxy Fold and Flip lineup is also priced at about the same level as the Note phones, and the Foldables could be a very good replacement to the loyal fans of the Galaxy Note series. The foldables also received support for the S Pen earlier this year with the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

The S Pan was the main differentiating factor between the Note and S series, and support for it on the Foldables could also indicate no more Note phones. It looks like Samsung might not launch any ultra-high-end Galaxy Note device in the coming months, especially with the company getting higher pre-orders for its new Galaxy Z lineup.

Samsung could be saying goodbye to the Note series, but customers now have exceptional replacements in the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 from the Korean brand!

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