Riot Games is Reportedly Planning on Bringing Valorant to Your Smartphone

A Recent Leak Suggests That a Mobile Port of Valorant Might be Under The Works

Valorant, in two years of it’s existence, has witnessed immense growth, both in terms of gaining global recognition and creating a pretty successful esports ecosystem. Now, building on this success; its tipped that Riot Games is reportedly planning to expand its popular FPS shooter to the mobile audience as well.

A series of videos that were first shared by DannyIntel, just mere days after the game’s leaked images surfaced online; are giving us a closer yet unofficial look at Valorant’s mobile port in action.

The first clip 22-second video showcases the in-game HUD, including how the controls look on screen, and the buy menu. Meanwhile a second 2-minute long video showcases things outside a match, giving us a look at the game’s new Agent select screen, loading screen, and a few other details.

Apart from the aforementioned video, other leaks suggest that the game has already entered the testing phase in China. But, we still suggest taking this information with a grain of salt as Riot Games hasn’t issued any sort of official statement regarding its plans to expand its popular FPS shooter to the mobile platform.

That said, if this turns out to be true, it will really help Riot Games to expand Valorant’s player base and compete with its rivals such as PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rainbow Seige Six, COD and so on which all are on the way or have already successfully amassed a huge user base thanks to their respective mobile platforms.

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