Riot Games Considering India for Valorant Champions Tour

Riot Games Considering India for Valorant Champions Tour

It seems that Riot Games should take India as a Valorant market seriously. The organization intends to send an Indian team a slot through a national tournament for its Valorant Champions Tour, sources tell IGN India. The Valorant Champions Tour is the first official effort by Riot to compete on a worldwide competitive circuit, with an emphasis on regional competitions for several years leading up to the Champions event. At the beginning of this year, the Indian gaming community called Riot for ignoring the region, to the point where the company believes India does not exist.

However, Riot has already hit many stakeholders of the local environment to do so. How this will happen is fun to see. Riot’s India is currently made up of two people who rely on local tournament organizers for their activities.

He recently said to have been “thrilled” with Valorant’s response in India. It has maintained a comparatively low profile since then, though. Many sources in the IGN India sports industry say that this is because of the continuing ban on Chinese game and technology companies in the world on an anonymity basis.

Now, however, Riot has reached out to multiple stakeholders in the local ecosystem to make this possible. It will be interesting to see how this would take place. At the moment Riot’s India operations consist of two people, relying on local tournament organizers for its events.

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Recently it claimed it was “thrilled” with the response to Valorant in India. Since then though, it has kept a relatively low profile. Multiple sources in the esports industry speaking to IGN India on condition of anonymity claim that the reason for this is the ongoing ban on China-owned tech and game companies in the country.

Tencent owns Riot and fears anything official in India will result in us being prohibited, which makes us wonder how much Riot has to ensure that Indian Valorant Champions Tour qualifiers are done equally if they happen.

India is currently operating in a comparatively grey region in relation to Valorant. Tournament operators are calling shots but none of Riot’s forms of openness are.

IGN India reached Riot for comment, and if we hear from the firm, we will update this post.

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