Sony Announces Three New Tiers Under Its Revamped PlayStation Plus Subscription

Sony Wants to Take on Xbox Game Pass With Its Revamped PlayStation Plus Subscription.
PlayStation Plus

Even after having a lead of almost seven year Sony’s PlayStation Play was nowhere near Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass in terms of its offering. However, it look like Sony wants to get even and has announced its new revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service with three new tiers.

The new and improved PlayStation Plus now integrates Sony’s two current subscription services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one and will be offered as three separate tiers with varying prices with annual as well as monthly validity as disclosed below:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential: The first and the cheapest tier among the three is exactly identical to the current PlayStation Plus Subscription and offers all of the same benefits, including two monthly downloadable games, online multiplayer access, cloud saves, and discounts offers. Additionally, all existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will automatically be ported to this tier.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra: The second tier, that seems like an odd middle child and offers all the benefits of the Essential tier plus the ability to access to a catalogue of up to 400 PS5 and PS4 titles, which can be downloaded and played on demand as long as the subscription is active. This includes titles from PlayStation Studios as well as those from third-party developers.
  • PlayStation Plus Premium: The last and the costliest plan which will port all the existing PlayStation Now subscribers onto it brings all benefits from previous tiers plus an additional 340 playable titles which can be cloud streamed including retro games from Sony’s earlier consoles including PS3, PS1, PS2, as well as PSP. Additionally all PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to time-limited trials which will let users try a selection of games for a limited amount of time before they decide to buy it.
PlayStation Plus EssentialPlayStation Plus ExtraPlayStation Plus Premium
New PlayStation Plus Tiers & Their Pricing

As for its availability, the initial rollout of Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service is scheduled to begin sometime in June starting from Asia, soon followed by North America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

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