Renders of Intel’s Upcoming Alchemist GPU Have Surfaced Online

intel Arc

Intel has been rumoured to be working on its new ARC lineup of GPUs for a long time now, with Intel wanting to compete with the already established names such as Nvidia — with their RTX lineup of GPUs and AMD — with their Radeon Lineup of GPUs.

YouTube channel “Moore’s law is dead” worked with their insider sources to create 3D renders of what the card might look like. Inspired from images of the cards, early engineering samples that had leaked online some time ago.

The graphic card features a silver fan shroud with an illuminated Intel logo on the top, as you can see below. Alongside with six-pin and eight-pin power connectors that could supply up to 300 watts to the card, however, Alchemist is expected to have a much lower TDP.

The Alchemist cards, with the code name 512 EU DG2, are speculated to be manufactured by TSMC using their six nanometer node of manufacturing, and will feature a die size of 396x396mm, with bandwidth of up to 512 Gigabytes per second.

Initially, it was expected that Intel would be launching the new Alchemist lineup of GPUs for desktop, and its mobile SKUs, along with Intel’s Alder Lake lineup of CPUs that will be launching this year.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber says we won’t see the cards available for purchase until the second quarter of next year, with the first quarter already reserved for the launch of the GPU’s mobile version; assuming the chip shortage won’t delay it even more. Some analysts expect that Intel could use lower prices to compete with graphics heavyweights Nvidia and AMD, so the wait might just be worth it.

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