A Guide on How to Remove Bloatware From Any Android Smartphone

Remove Bloatware Fron Any Android Phone

Do you have a smartphone that is filled with unnecessary Bloatware that makes you regret all your life’s descision? You would have known the pain especially if you use a phone made by Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, OPPO, Vivo or any other Chinese brand. But, not all hope is dead as we have made this guide which will walk you through the process that could help you get rid of all the unnecessary crap from your smartphone including the apps that can’t be uninstalled.

Basic Requirements

In order to free your smartphone from Bloatware you will firstly need three things including:

  • A Android smartphone with loads of Bloatware.
  • A USB data cable that works with your smartphone.
  • A laptop with adb tool installed on it.


Step 1 – Enable USB Debugging

Once procured, firstly you will need to configure your Android phone by Enabling USB-Debugging on it as shown is the steps below. This allows your computer to communicate with an Android device over the Android Debug Bridge (adb).

  • On the Android device, open the settings.
  • Tap Developer Settings. The developer settings are hidden by default, so If you have not enabled developer settings previously you can do so by:
    1. scrolling down and tapping on About phone.
    2. In about phone, tap on the Build Number seven times.
    3. You’ll eventually see a notification letting you know that you’re now a developer.
  • Once enabled, go to Developer settings, and toggle USB Debugging to be on. This could show you ‘allow USB Debugging’ window, just tap ok.
  • Set the USB mode of the device to Media Device (MTP), which is the default setting in most cases.

After, enabling USB Debugging connect your smartphone to your PC and you will see another ‘Allow USB debugging’ window, in this press allow to verify that you trust this computer. Additionally, you can also tap the Always allow button to skip this step next time.

Step 2 – Install ADB AppControl on Your PC

Secondly, you will need to configure your computer by installing ADB AppControl, the desktop program, that will allow you to easily manage applications on your android device. You can disable unwanted pre-installed system apps and bloatware, or install new ones using a modern graphical interface. The program includes many useful tools and tweaks which allow you to get the better experience with your device.

logo blue
ADBAppControl Home

Step 3 – Install AC Bridge on Your Phone

Once the app is installed, you would see another window appears on your PC asking to install ACBridge on your Android phone, click yes. This step will install a app on your phone which is required to use ADB AppControl.

AC Bridge
Screenshot 20220221 1711042

Step 4 – Select & Uninstall Bloatware

You can now select all the unnecessary Bloatware from your Android smartphone by clicking the checkboxes for each app. Once selected, go to the drop down list found at the bottom right corner and select uninstall. Now, you will see a red uninstall button which needs to be clicked.

ADBAppControl uninstall

Upon Clicking the uninstall button you will see a warning box saying that if you remove something important you can brick your smartphone. After accepting it you will see another window asking you to backup the app before uninstalling, click yes. This will initiate the uninstall cycle which will notify you that the apps have been successfully uninstalled.

ADBAppControl uninstall 1

Special Bonus for OnePlus Users

Although OnePlus phones are known for less bloatware, you can still use a similar method to get rid of the annoying login to red cable club tab in your phones settings app.

Remove Red Cable Club

To do this you will have to use the ADB AppControl’s console interface which can be found as a tab. This lets you execute ADB commands without using Windows Powershell or Command prompt.

ADBAppControl Screenshot

Once in the tab, simply copy and paste the first code mentioned below into the window and press enter. Keep on repeating the same process until all the code is executed.

1) Red Cable Club in settings

adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.oneplus.membership

2) Cloud Services

adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.heytap.cloud

3) Work-life balance

adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.oneplus.opwlb

After completing this, disconnect your OnePlus device and restart it and tadaa…! The annoying notification is gone from the settings app. Meanwhile, you can also bring it back if you change your mind by using the commands mentioned below in the same manner as discussed above.

1) Red Cable Club in settings

adb shell cmd package install-existing com.oneplus.membership

2) Cloud Services

adb shell cmd package install-existing com.heytap.cloud

3) Work-life balance

adb shell cmd package install-existing com.oneplus.opwlb

So, that is how you get rid of annoying bloatware from any Android smartphone without rooting you device of installing a custom ROM.

Furthermore Proceed with caution and backup your device using adb before starting the procedure. Oyprice or the author of this article cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to your device.

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Was this guide helpful enough in help you to get rid of unnecessary bloatware from your smartphone? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel, or join us on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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