Redmi G Gaming Laptops Launched With Both Intel and AMD Processors and RTX 3000 Series GPU

Redmi G Gaming Laptops

Xiaomi just launched two Redmi G Gaming laptops (via GSM Arena) with Intel, and AMD CPUs and both have RTX Series graphics cards. The Intel version comes at a lower price with RTX 3050 GPU, while the AMD version is packed with a powerful RTX 3060.

Hardware specifications

The Redmi G Gaming laptops come in at 16.1-inch display sizes with a refresh rate of 144Hz. If you are playing certain heavy games, then you can lower the refresh rate to 72Hz. The display is TUV Rheinland certified and also comes with low blue light certification.

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The memory configuration on both these Redmi G gaming laptops is the same – 16GB of RAM paired with 512GB of SSD storage. Connectivity features include Wi-Fi 6, a Backlit keyboard with three levels of adjustment (brightness), USB Type C multi-function interface and DTS-X Ultra 3-D sound.

The cooling architecture has been upgraded to Xiaomi’s Hurricane Cooling 3.0. It comes with a pair of 12V fans and five all-copper heat pipes, and four sets of air vents dissipate all this heat.

Redmi G, Intel version

redmi g gaming laptop

Intel variant comes with i5-11260H, a six-core 12 thread processor with a max turbo frequency of 4.4 GHz. The maximum power draw of this CPU will be 70W. This CPU is paired with Nvidia’s RTX 3050 GPU. This GPU comes with DLSS 2.0 and Ray-Tracing. All this will be powered by a 180W power brick provided in the box.

Redmi G, AMD version

redmi g gaming laptop

Now, the AMD variant is the one that caught a lot of attention as it is powered by Ryzen 7 5800H, an eight-core, 16 thread processor with a max boost clock speed of 4.4 GHz. This is a potent processor, and it has been paired with an equally powerful GPU, the RTX 3060. The RTX 3060 is way powerful than the RTX 3050, and there is no argument for that. To power this combination, the laptop comes with a 230W power brick.


Intel version of the Redmi G gaming laptop is priced at CNY 5,699, which converts to USD 880, and the AMD version of the Redmi G gaming laptop comes at CNY 6,999, which converts to USD 1,080. The Intel variant goes on sale from September 23rd and the AMD variant will go live on the 29th of September.

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